"This has been a great case.  You did an outstanding job, especially the good strategy of getting the vocational assessment done.  I know I could not have done this without you.  I also believe very few attorneys would have presented the case the way you did.  I feel fortunate to have you on my side.  I cannot thank you enough.  This is life changing.  Waking up this morning, its really sinking in.  It feels like I did the right thing." 
Mr. L., June 2018

"I am a Vietnam Veteran who has suffered both mentally and physically since 1970.  I had poor results with the VA and a local attorney directed me to Mr. Andrews.  Within a few months he had gathered my information and got me 50% compensation and medical and medication.  In 2010 I became totally disabled and he filed an appeal and I recently received 100%.  I found Mr. Andrews to be very knowledgeable of the system and kept me informed.  Before I was compensated I told him that I knew he went above and beyond 110% and if I had to go through it again he would be my first choice, no question about it."
Mr. M., June 2018

"Outstanding work Tom.  If I get approved it is because of the hard work that you have performed on my behalf."
Mr. Y., 
March 2018
"He helped me when I was feeling helpless.  My husband died from acute myeloid leukemia caused by Agent Orange and no one wanted to take responsibility for his death.  I will be thankful for Mr. Andrews' help and for him being there to answer my questions."
Mrs. N., May 2017
"I would recommend Thomas Andrews to anyone who needs a GOOD lawyer without any hesitation.  After my husband passed away with heart disease that was caused by Agent Orange, I tried several times on my own to get survivor benefits from the VA but was turned down each time.  I got in contact with Mr. Andrews and told him my situation.  He took my case and within two months he had won the case.  Mr. Andrews worked hard in getting all the records he needed for the case.  He answered any questions I had.  He kept me updated with what was going on with the case."
Mrs. C., 
March 2017
"I felt like Mr. Andrews always had my best interests at the forefront.  All communications, phone calls, emails and letters were answered promptly and clearly.  The compensation I have received has greatly helped me financially and helped to secure my future.  If I ever needed the services of Thomas Andrews again, I would not hesitate to call on him.  I would also recommend him to other veterans who are in need of his expertise."  Signed, "One happy veteran."
Mr. K., December 2017

"I wanted to be sure and take the time and and thank you for all your help in getting my husband's Veteran's benefits.  You went above and beyond what was required on my behalf.  Thank you for all your time and patience in order to ensure that I was able to understand and work through all the many questions, paperwork, and required follow through for my case.  The benefits that I have been awarded are what I will need financially to be able to live and support myself now that my husband is gone.  Without them I would have struggled to even be able to just take of the basic necessities.  Thank you just does not seem to say enough, but I do offer to you all my gratefulness and appreciation for all you did to help me."
Mrs. M., 
September 2016
"I came to Thomas Andrews back in 2009 because I was faced with applying for my VA benefits due to health issues.  I found him to be compassionate and knowledgable.  I am wholeheartedly saying I would recommend him.  As a result of his work on my case I was granted 100% disability from the VA.  What a difference it has made in my life from where I was when this all started.  He has the patience and professionalism to get the job done.
Mr. W, 
February 2016
"After over 20 years I had all but given up hope that my case with the VA would be overturned. I had dealt with service organizations and attorneys throughout that period of time. I retained the Andrews Law Office two weeks prior to a hearing with the Board of Veterans Appeals. Despite my case file being as thick as a phonebook, Mr. Andrews excepted my case. At the hearing, I was pleasantly surprised that Mr. Andrews was completely up to speed. After the hearing I was immediately confident that with his assistance my case could be won. Anyone who has had to appeal a decision of the VA knows how complex and time consuming these cases can be. The Andrews Law Office, in my opinion, has unmatched knowledge of VA law. With their tenacity and connections with key personnel within the VA chain of command they were able to resolve my case in more than a satisfactory manner. I am greatly appreciative of their service to myself and my fellow veterans. The outcome of this case has changed and possibly saved my life. In the end I have made a new friend in Thomas Andrews and am forever grateful to him." 
Mr. E., January 2016
  • Fought for a  remand from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and then obtained a nexus statement from a physician linking the deceased veteran's acute myeloid leukemia to his exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Korea.
  • Challenged the VA's interpretation that Diagnostic Code 5055 only applies to total knee replacements and obtained a published decision from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreeing that Diagnostic Code 5055 as previously interpretated by the VA also applies to partial knee replacements.  See Hudgens v. McDonald, 823 F.3d 630 (Fed. Cir. 2016). 
  • Obtained DIC for a widow whose claim had been denied by proving the veteran's death was linked to Agent Orange.
  • Assisted a veteran in getting peripheral neuropathy for both legs and arms service connected secondary to diabetes.  Resulted in an increase from 80% to 100%.   
  • Represented a veteran at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and ultimately obtained a 40% rating for a leg disability related to an in-service occurrence that happened during basic training in 1955.  The rating went back to 2005.   
  • Represented a veteran in getting service connection for headaches at 30% which increased his total rating to 60%.  One year later, got the veteran increased to 80% due to an increased rating for depression and radicupathy.  
  • Represented a veteran who was attacked while training in the military and has suffered from PTSD since.  After years of applying and being denied, I got a remand from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and Board of Veterans' Appeals which resulted in service connection and a 70% rating going back nearly 5 years. Ten months later got the client an increase to 100% due to a rating for Individual Unemployability.  
  • The veteran injured her right knee in the military and it was service connected.  However, the back began to hurt as a result of the right knee.  Gained service connection cervical and lumbar back and left knee and secured an increase from 50% to 90% going back nearly 5 years.   Seven months later the veteran was increased to 100% based on additional ratings for radiculopathy and sinusitis. 
  • Represented a veteran before the Court of Appeals of Veterans Claims, Board of Veterans' Appeals, and Regional Office.  Eventually was able to service connect the veteran's schizophrenia and have it rated at 100% going back nearly 10 years.  
  • Obtained service connection for migraine headaches and nerve damage resulting from an in-service MVA. Resulted in a combined rating of 50%.
  • Five years after accepting the case and after three decisions by the Board of Veterans' Appeals, obtained service connection for quadriplegia that had initially been denied as arising out of an alleged DUI.  By use of affidavits from witnesses and weather report information, was able to prove the motor vehicle accident did not involve alcohol and was actually caused by ice on the roads and was able to obtain significant SMC benefits for the veteran.
  • Four years after accepting case convinced the Board of Veterans' Appeals to increase the veteran’s PTSD from 50% to 70% and grant Individual Unemployability going back nearly 8 years.
  • Assisted a veteran who's PTSD had been reduced from 100% to 80% and within three months of being retained the VA reinstated the 100% rating.
  • Assisted a veteran in obtaining an increase for headaches, TMJ and service connection and a 50% rating for an anxiety disorder.
  • Gained a decision from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims setting aside and remanding a Board decision that denied entitlement to rating for a painful scar.  Subsequently, convinced the Board to rate the scar resulting in an increase in the veteran's accrued benefits.
  • Represented a Camp Lejeune veteran who obtained a 100% rating for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
  • Assisted a veteran in obtaining a 50% sleep apnea rating.
  • Assisted a veteran in obtaining service connection for his left knee and a rating of 10% which resulted in an increase in his combined rating from 80% to 90%.


The RESULTS shown here should not be considered as a description or characterization of the quality of the firm's representation and in no way should be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of any particular case. As such, the reader should not rely on the cases below to develop any expectation regarding the value of his or her case.